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How to Clean Your Carpet on Your Own

How clean your carpet looks determine the appearance of your home. You put so much effort into maintaining your household, Dirty Carpet can ruin all that. Dingy carpets turn off the mood of the place.

It is not just appearance, dirty carpets are also harmful for your family’s health. Carpets absorb a lot of allergens and release it into your household with the slightest of ruffle.
Here are three ways to clean your carpet on your own that will help to keep your household healthy and elegant:

1.The good old Vacuuming - this old but effective method of keeping your carpets clean is best for regular cleaning. Before vacuuming look for papers, toys, coins and anything that can come in the way. Dust the furniture, baseboards and window sills first. 2. ·Use the cranny extension on your vacuum to reach under couches in case the furniture can’t be moved.
·Use nozzle attachment for hard to reach areas, vacuum the baseboards and edges of the carpet first.
·Vacuum Cleaner the whole room going forwa…